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EASYPACK22 is the innovative packaging solution for lenses proposed by SANTI Srl.

EASYPACK22 is designed to process both prescription lenses and standard lenses, thus becoming a point of reference thanks to its versatility and ease of use.

With its compact dimensions, EASYPACK22 is extremely versatile and performing thanks to the possibility of connecting it to the management system right in the laboratory. This innovation makes the lens packaging process considerably more efficient and safe.

Thanks to the innovative store, EASYPACK22 is suitable for single envelopes of different sizes and, at the same time, for double envelopes, guaranteeing a wide range of usable formats. In support of an already complete enveloping process, there is the possibility to automatically print and put in an envelope the "warranty card".

Easypack22 - Lens deposit
Lens deposit

In the case of rx lenses, their deposit is facilitated by the right and left pockets.
The pockets are numbered and matched to the worksheet, so they can be retrieved at any time.

Easypack22 - Scanning the worksheet
Scanning the worksheet

Once the lenses are deposited in the appropriate tape, it is sufficient to scan the barcode on the worksheet to start the inserting process. Easypack22 will recognize the lens data.

Collection of the envelope - Easypack22
Collection of the envelope

By assigning in advance the type of envelope to each customer, Easypack22 will collect the specific envelope from the appropriate store, starting autonomously the whole process.

Positioning of the label - Easypack22
Printing and positioning
of the label

Once the envelope is taken from the store, Easypack22 delivers it to the print station. From there, it will print and position the labels of the lenses and place them on the envelopes, whether they are single or double.

Collection of the lens - Easypack22
Collection of the lense

Once this whole process is over, a device will pick up the lenses in order to deposit them into the chute from which they will be inserted into the envelope.

Print and Storage of the warranty card - Easypack22
Print and Storage
of the warranty card

The printer at the edge of the machine is able to use pre-printed cards or to print directly on a 4-color PVC support on both sides. The lens data will then be printed on the card and a device will put the card in insert position.

Lens and warranty card insertion - Easypack22
Lens and warranty
card insertion

In "RX" mode, Easypack22 can insert both lens and card in the envelope at the same time, thus speeding up the work process and avoiding waste of additional packaging.

Envelope closure - Easypack22
Envelope closure

Once the lenses insertion is over, with or without a card, the envelope is sent to the automatic closure by using the special gripping plate.

Envelope storage - Easypack22
Envelope storage

After the envelope closure process is completed, Easypack22 put the packs in the selected store, by using the appropriate pads.


Production capacity

  • double envelope 380 lenses/hour
  • double envelope with card 330 lenses/hour
  • single envelopes 320 lenses/hour
  • single envelopes with card 290 lenses/hour

Supported lenses

  • diameters from 55 to 80 mm
  • lens thickness from 0 to 20 mm

Dimensions and weights

  • dimensions: 100 x 300 cm
  • height: 180 cm
  • weight: 700 kg

Supported envelopes

  • The envelope entry and exit storage will be customized according to the laboratory's needs. There can be single and double envelopes of all sizes.
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